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Remi Song
Game Programmer

Born in France, now living and working full time in South Korea.

Who am I?

About Me


27 years old and coming from the beautiful city of La Rochelle, France. I have a master degree in Computer Science from the University of La Rochelle. I also had the chance to spend a year as an exchange student at the University of Science and Technology in Hanoi, Vietnam. In parallel, since 2015, I enjoy making games in my spare time.


After graduating in 2019, I decided to settle in South Korea where I currently work full time as a mobile game programmer. Even though I have less time than before, I also continue making games and recently released my latest project Biomisland. I can speak French, English and Korean.


For now, I would like to keep working and living in South Korea. On the side, I will continue to build new prototypes and use these opportunities to expand my skill set. Stay tuned for more to come.

Current Project


PC Reflexion, Building 2022

Biomisland is about terraforming the island of your dream. Use various plants at your disposal to imagine and shape diverses environments in order to replenish the island's nature.

Started in march 2020 as a solo side project using Unity, it is available on Steam as PC version since october 2022. Almost everything including game design, programming, and 3D modeling has been done by myself, only the sound design has been produced in collaboration with a South Korean musician.

See on Steam

Released on mobile


Android/IOS Shooter, Serious Game August 2019

Board on a nano-ship, explore the inside of your body and use the two weapons at your disposal to get rid of the bacteria and viruses inside you. Choose wisely when to use antibodies and antibiotics, if you abuse of the second one, the bacteria will become resistant to it and the situation will get out of control!

Game made with Unity over my 6-month internship at the OUCRU laboratory in Hanoi, Vietnam. The goal was to create a serious game to teach young children the concept of antibiotics resistance.

School project

University Project

PC Reflexion, Puzzle May 2017

Explore an unknown environment and solve puzzles using numerical conversion between decimal, binary and hexadecimal format. Reach the end of all the levels before temperature drops too low.

School project designed in about a month on the Unreal Engine 4 with several imposed rules. We had to create a puzzle game containing 3 levels each proposing different puzzle using numerical conversion. Time left before losing the game had to be represented using temperature gauge, changes on the environment can also be noticed.

First game


Android Arcade 2015

Focus and avoid incoming cubes as long as possible to reach the highest score. The longer you stay alive, the more cubes will come at you.

My first completed game, made on Unity after finishing the official tutorials to learn the basics. It taught me a lot about the development process of a game. Unfortunately, I didn't go through the whole release process at that time.

Other projects


You can find below a few screenshots and videos of other unfinished projects I did over the years.

What I can do

My Skills

Sample of the main skills I acquired over the years.



Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine 4



Adobe Photoshop


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Feel free to contact me anytime through this form or by email (contact@remisong.com)